Thursday, January 08, 2004

I have been going through sites I had saved on my favorites and this is the first I found that wasn't a dead site. The FAQ section is fairly complete and this site seems particularly relevant to people living in Michigan. Further, it is particularly focused towards fathers and reformation of laws that inhibit a willing father in their child's life. As I have mentioned, I became involved in this arena through the custody battle of my fiancee, so these issues often come up in my research. However, I am in no way advocating a fathers right over the rights of a mother. I personally believe in parents rights and in situations where physical custody has to be determined that each parent should be considered a parent and not mother or father. My own father took over custody of my brother and I in our youth after our mother repeatedly demonstrated she was unable to care for us. I firmly believe fathers can be wonderful single parents, not all of them, but not all mothers can be wonderful single parents either.

Anyway, I haven't looked over the entire site yet so this link may not stay. It will probably be more poignant to a father in a custody battle. I don't recall using it for much in my research, but there are some areas (poetry, humor, slideshow) that might be beneficial to the emotional well-being of a divorcing father. Let me know what you think...


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