Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Having been engaged in a particularly terrible custody battle (I suppose they are all terrible in their own way) and being a child of divorce, I have been seeking some type of outlet through which I could express my frustrations. For quite a while I have been a blog reader, though only of a political type, the idea of having my own had never occurred to me. I recall the blog explosion on the web, when the concept of the diary transgressed the shameful, "hide it under your bed" mentality to that which seemed to say to share with those closest to you is to invite ridicule while to share with the world is to identify your cohorts. The relative anonymity provided by a web blog allows all of us to say exactly what we feel without restraint or the voluntary filters through which we live.

I am also going to venture to say that many bloggers fancy themselves to be more literate in general as well as in practice. Could this be the door to some type of literary acclaim, prestige or vocation? I did not begin this endeavor for any of these reasons, however, I confess to being one of those who claims their goal in life is to write. Exactly what I want to write is still unclear. I do know that my intentions never included a web blog. In as much as I find my own random musings on life novel or provocative, the possibility of realizing they were neither was never very attractive to me.

I have been involved in an ongoing custody battle for over a year now. This is not my personal battle but that of my fiancee. However, both the happiness of the child and that of my fiancee are at risk and so the "battle" has intensely personal repercussions. (Please note that I am in no way comparing my anguish to that of a biological parent but that nonetheless my concerns, fears and anxiety are very real to me) For the past year and 1/2 I have scoured all available resources to find as much information as is relevant to divorce and issues of child custody that I could get my hands on. My personality seems to demand to be informed. While I have found many valuable resources both online and in print, wading through the crap and the advertisements for "custody specialists" was supremely frustrating. Further, and my intention is not to be incendiary, but many of the bulletin board type pages I found were decidedly useless or even counter-productive.

Since this began I have craved a resource through which intelligent information could be passed, free of charge, between those who have gone through or are going through these types of proceedings. While a web blog does not exactly fit that description, potentially it might be a start. I have a plethora of resources at my disposal that I would be more than happy to pass on to others in need. So here is my question.... is this a viable medium? I have no idea how this works, if people searching for resources on divorce will have a shot in hell of finding this site. I realize (and here I am unclear as well so please correct me if so) or I think that I am the only person who can post on this site. I would be willing to post relevant commentary by those who email me as well as provide a directory of resources if they are emailed to me. I think I am going to post this now and then try to explore my options a bit. I am not sure if there will be a link on my page to forward comments or if I will need to provide my email address for feedback. Either way, once it is possible, if you are reading this and find any merit in what I am trying to do or you have any recommendation as to how this forum could be better served, please advise. Although I am computer literate I am undeniably an internet novice.


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