Thursday, January 15, 2004

LII: Legal Information Institute

In an effort to get back to the point of this blog I typed child custody (I find child custody is better than custody as with the latter you often end up with stories of incarceration) into Google and decided to review the first listing. The first listing was LII. This is a non for profit legal cite run by Cornell Law School. It can be a very good resource when you are looking specifically for the legalities of a child custody case.

The site includes federal, state and even international information and cases of interest. It also contains a list of legal links that can be very useful.

I could go in depth on this web site, but the usefulness with vary by case. The NY Court of Appeals is featured, so if you are a resident of NY you might find it more beneficial.

For extensive case law relevant to your own state, I would still recommend lexisONE. However, you do have to register for lexisONE while no registration is required for LII.

LII has easy to access federal uniform laws and state acts and codes relevant to child custody. You should also be able to access the state information on your particular states web site.

So, in short, it may be a resource for you depending on how much of your own research you are handling. Link here: LII Let me know your thoughts...

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