Thursday, January 15, 2004

More politics! (which is my other area of interest if you can't tell -- really they are quite intertwined if you think about it) Apparently President Bush is planning to announce a "Healthy Marriage" initiative during his state of the union next week. I think this sounds grand in theory, but what does it actually entail? Further, (and here we delve purely into my opinion) but between the war, Medicare, immigration programs, and journeying into space where precisely does another 1.5 billion dollars come from. For a President who is now question most frequently on fiscal policy (or at least how his policies and initiatives affect our financial bottom line) he sure seems ready to spend. Granted, I would much rather see money go towards families than a moon colony, but is 1.5 billion enough (remember 87 billion, which to date has turned into around 92 billion, for Iraq?) and will the programs he wants to institute really be effective? So far he has been substantially less generous with No Child Left Behind than he led the country to believe when he championed that initiative. The Nation


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