Thursday, January 22, 2004

Okay, here's another site I just became aware of. I cannot speak to the usefulness of this site, they cover all topics related to men, not only divorce or custody issues.

I just have to say (forgive me) that for some ungodly reason I find the typeface used on this site completely abrasive. Though it is not written in all caps, the type (oh lord, how do I not look an idiot while I try to describe how a certain typeface makes me feel) makes me feel as though I am being simultaneously screamed at and talked down to. As though a reader on this site needs to have the content hammered in to them, they are barely capable of understanding it and they didn't have a shot in hell of locating it on their own.

For this reason (maybe somewhere in my unconscious I recall being scolded for using non-traditional type) I could hardly surf the pages. Each one felt like a virtual assault not only on my eyes, but my psyche as well.

Anyway, decide for yourself:


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