Friday, January 09, 2004

Pay Sites

I realize that not everyone has the capacity to offer up their expertise/resources for free. However, these organizations that claim to be in support of mothers rights, fathers rights or parents rights and then require payment for membership are corrupt opportunists. Requiring payment infers two things: 1) That if YOU as the parent choose not to utilize this service you are not doing everything in your ability for your child 2)That there is information available through a pay service that you will be unable to find anywhere else and almost surely it will be the key to your case.

These sites play on the raw nerves and legal inexperience of parents dealing with issues of divorce/custody. Further, generally the expense of these proceedings is a conspicuous drain on the finances of the parents. To do anything to add to this loss of assets is deplorable! It is bad enough that our legal system cannot make the connection between parents funneling money into the system in the form of lawyers, evaluators, specialists, tests, court costs ........ and the well being of the family after the case is settled. Any judge who cannot make the correlation between those funds wasted in court and those funds put into a college account should be thrown off the bench. Our system should encourage both parents to save money whenever possible as that money very likely will result in a better future for the child/children.

Ah, I digress. The point being if you are a diligent researcher you do not need to pay for those types of services. (Truthfully I can't speak to the content having never subscribed to such a service) I have had very good luck finding whatever I was looking for without having to pay for it. Do not let these sites play on your fragile emotions, suffer no guilt for not wasting more money on this convoluted process. If these sites truly were looking out for the best interest of the child, mother or father they would not require payment for their service. Instead they would do what every other self-respecting web site does to make money -- inundate you with pop-up and banner ads of all types.

To see what started this tangent link to the website. Again I was going through my favorites but I have no idea why I bookmarked this one, I remember feeling that it was particularly abhorrent the first time I came across it. Maybe just my own naivete in thinking that might be the best I could do.

As always, if you would like to defend the site or more simply have had a different experience, please let me know and I will gladly post your comments.


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