Friday, January 30, 2004


Well, we are getting to that time of year again and while it may seem a strange topic for a divorce blog, read carefully... In this article, under the sub-heading Investment and Tax Expenses, it references time spent deciding alimony and child support in your divorce. Now, I am no expert, seriously - my own accountant hates doing my taxes because I am so uninformed and neglectful with fiscal paperwork of all types, but what I believe this article is saying is that what you paid your attorney to figure out all alimony and child support issues can be tax deductible. I have no idea how that would even begin to work, you probably would have to have your attorney provide some specific breakdown of billing (?) and then take that to whoever prepares your taxes. If you need more info, the IRS web site would be a good place to start. Otherwise, check out the article on MSNBC



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