Friday, January 23, 2004

This is an interesting article as generally few people are even aware of Munchausen's by proxy. This is to the detriment of the other parent if a situation like this one is occurring; at the same time, however, it happens very rarely.

Please do not think this might be an equivalent claim it someone is unfairly levying abuse claims against you. This is a very, very serious charge. Try to refrain form claiming anything you know (or believe) to be untrue.

First, if it is proven to be untrue, your credibility will take a large hit in the eyes of your judge, as well as put in question your ability to work with the other parent in a joint legal custody scenario. Secondly, as much as you may detest your former spouse, and as much as they may be saying or doing terrible things, eventually your court battle/attorney's/judge will go away. Your former spouse will never go away and it is in your child's best interest (and yours) to maintain whatever civility you can. You are always going to have to work together on some level, orchestrate birthdays, holidays, etc... Don't say things that will inflame your situation any further.

That being said, feel free to comment and call attention to legitimate concerns you may have. Although, this may temporarily make things a bit icier between you and your ex, hopefully they will comes to terms with the fact that you were doing everything in your power to retain access to your children. Baseless claims and false accusations, however, can be much more difficult to forget and quite likely will do more damage than good in a court scenario.

Chicago Sun-Times



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