Thursday, February 12, 2004

Changes in Michigan?

This is an extremely interesting article about 16 bills (Family and Marriage Preservation Plan) introduced in Michigan, aimed at various problems within current marriage and divorce legislation. It includes a measure for mandatory education or counseling prior to marriage, a waiting period of 27 days (up from 3 days) after applying for a marriage license, a tax credit to defray pre-marital counseling costs, etc... Six of the bills are to protect children of divorcing parents, the most important of which "requires that a parenting plan, detailing custody and decision-making for children, be in place before a divorce is finalized." I got to this article no problem, but I believe after a number of days a subscription might be required. I am going to try and find the article elsewhere and if that doesn't work, I may just reprint the entire article here (and hope no one cares).

If you live in Michigan, write to the legislature and tell them that you support these bills. If you link to Yahoo here, and scroll all the way down, on the left hand side (under the heading Politics Tools) you can enter your zip code (or search by state) to write or email your elected officials. You can email them all at once or one by one. The ANCPR site also has a LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER through which you can contact your elected officials on a variety of subjects relevant to father's rights.

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