Thursday, February 05, 2004

Moving in Alabama

This article is about relocation in Alabama. The statute has some pretty specific requirements for both custodial and non-custodial (Those are the worst terms! But then I can't think of any less horrible, open for suggestions...) parents. This statute is relatively restrictive to custodial parents seeking to move. It answers some of the problems, but may create others, and isn't nearly as comprehensive as I would like to see. We need laws that negate custodial v non-custodial and instead enforce the inherent rights and needs of a child to have ample access to both parents, which in my mind requires legislation making moving impossible except in the most extreme of circumstances, or at least a presumption that if a parent chooses to move the other parent will be awarded primary custody unless it is clearly and fundamentally not in the best interest of the child (ie. abuse of any sort... alcohol & drug, physical, emotional). The burden of proof should be on the moving party. Legislation of this type hopefully would reduce questions of relocation only to those cases where it was imperative. The Alabama statute information can be viewed at Divorceinfo



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