Monday, February 09, 2004


I have been contacted by a news outlet about putting together a type of conglomeration of stories about fathers facing custody battles. If you would like to submit your story, please email it to me using the link at the bottom of the page. Please let me know if you would prefer to be anonymous and how you would like the facts of your case handled. If you submit your case, you release me to use it in whatever form I deem appropriate. That includes, but is not limited to, be posted on this site, to be utilized in the above mentioned manner, to be included in any type of publication I may author concerning fathers and custody, or any other forum I deem appropriate. I will not release names or facts that you ask to be kept anonymous and I will inform any submitter when and where their story will be shared. If you choose to submit your story, please try to be as specific and succinct as you can. I realize there are a lot of emotions that go along with this process, but whenever possible, please try to accurately explain the legal parameters concerning your case, especially any relevant case law or history. I am fairly well versed, but my expertise lies in my own state. Also, please make sure you provide valid contact information. If I have a question and your email address will not work, I will not be able to include your case. If you have any concerns or questions before you submit, please feel free to email me. The more information we can get out there about what is actually happening in our family courts, the easier it will become to institute change. Thanks!


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