Friday, April 23, 2004

Grandparent Visitation

Sorry I have been so lax posting this week, I have been extremely busy and continue to be so probably the next couple posts will just be news.

In Pennsylvania a set of maternal grandparents have sued the father (and custodial parent) of their three grandchildren. Apparently the mother is living out of state and has or is having issues with drug addiction. The grandparents are suing to either have access to the children from 10a to 8p on Sat or 11a to 8p on Sunday - EVERY WEEKEND!! The father maintains that the weekend is his primary time to share with his children as he works during the week.

In my opinion, an entire day every weekend is asking quite a bit. Not just because the father will lose out on this time, it will surely put a lot of stain on the children's extracurricular activities, athletics and play time with friends if they are court ordered to spend an entire weekend day with their Grandparents each weekend.

However, it does seem as though a compromise could be made. If I was the father I would propose 4 hours or so every other Sunday, or something like that. Maybe time after school a day a week... I don't know but it seems like there is room for some type of happy medium here.

Read the article at the Times Leader.

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