Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Pledge v. Fathers

This article is from Wendy McElroy and found on the site. It looks at the case of Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, which is currently before the Supreme Court. (This is the Pledge of Allegiance case where the father objects to his daughter using the terms "Under God")

One of the issues of this case is whether the father actually has standing to petition the court because apparently when he filed, the mother of the child had sole legal custody. (The article claims that apparently there is now a joint legal arrangement, but no timeline for when and how that occurred). After the father filed, the mother filed a motion claiming the father had no legal standing... (I would have thought that if the father currently had joint legal custody, the standing issue would effectively be moot - unless it was just some bureaucratic nonsense about having to re-file after the custody change)

The article draws interesting parallels, particularly in the respect that this decision may force opposition between religious advocates and fathers rights advocates - as well as the unintended consequences on the fathers rights cause this verdict might bring.

Read the article here: Parental Rights and the Pledge



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