Friday, April 09, 2004

Wisconsin Paternity Suit

This is an extremely interesting and unbelievably convoluted case out of Wisconsin. I will attempt to provide a synopsis:

A married woman had an affair and shortly thereafter became pregnant. While she made the man she was having the affair with aware that the child might be his, she never told her husband of the affair. A few years later the woman and her husband are divorcing and the husband is seeking custody, visitation, etc... The woman then tells her husband that the child is likely not his. After a paternity test this is found to be true and the biological father attempts to assert his rights to the child. The court rules in favor of the non-biological father and is reaffirmed (kind-of at least, they rule in favor of the non-biological father but for different reasons) by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The biological father is ordered to have no-contact with the child. The kicker here is that the mother has since married the biological father and shares custody with the non-biological father, but her husband (the biological father) is currently not allowed to see the child. Apparently the biological father could be awarded some sort of visitation if a "child psychologist decides it is appropriate in the future."

Personally, I think this mother is crazy and obviously doing large amounts of harm to her child. Other than that, I'm not sure how I feel about the ruling. It is not the non-biological fathers fault this occurred and he has acted as father since the child was born (I believe the child is roughly 6 now). However, giving the biological father no access does not seem correct either. Read the article for yourself at gmtoday.

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