Thursday, June 17, 2004

California Senate Bill 1367 Update

I decided today was a good day for updates so I am trying to research all the past bills and initiatives that I have catalogued.

I am trying to figure out if anything has happened to this bill. I saw on one site someone said (with no support) that the bill had been withdrawn by Burton the day before the California Supreme Court ruled on LaMusga. Elsewhere I saw a reference to the bill being amended. There was no back-up support for this contention either so I am not sure if it was the resubmitted.

Here is a link to the California Senate Page for Bill 1367. This site lists the bills last amended date as 4/27/04. It further says on 4/28/04 it was withdrawn from committee and re-referred to Com. on JUD.

So I guess not much to report... If anyone knows anything about what is going on with this bill, please share...



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