Wednesday, August 11, 2004

MA Vote

"BOSTON -- During this November election, voters in Somerset, Swansea and several other neighboring communities will be asked whether they support joint custody of children after divorce.

The non-binding petition to appear on the ballot will basically ask voters their opinion and gauge support. It will not become law.

Approximately 750,000 Massachusetts voters in 36 House districts and one Senate district will be asked their opinion. The question is the result of a statewide signature-gathering process by Fathers and Families.

Locally, it will appear on the ballots in Somerset, Swansea, Dighton, Rehoboth, Taunton and Norton. It will not appear on the Fall River or Westport ballots."

You can read the entire article at The Herald News.

While I believe this is a good initiative, my concern is that the general public does not fully understand the enormity or consequences of this issue. If the general ballot does not provide support for a more equitable division of custody, how will any legislator be able to bring such an issue to a vote?



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