Friday, August 27, 2004

Mother Who Tried to Bribe Judge Pays Price....

Esther Weitzner, one of the parents who paid money to a mediator in order to swing her custody case, subsequently lost custody of her three children. This was from the case in New York concerning mediator Nissim Elmann and Judge Gerald Garson. Charges were also filed against clerk Paul Sarnell and court officer Louis Salerno. Salerno and Sarnell are now on trial while Garson awaits trial.

In my opinion this is a pretty crappy article - the author pretty much provides this woman a soap box to whine about how she was wronged. From the article:

"Weitzner said she regrets breaking the law but acted out of desperation and not disrespect for the law.

"The bribe was wrong, and I would not encourage anyone to do it," she said. "Out of desperation you do stupid things.

"I feel that just because I tried to protect my children and gave money to this mediator to help me win custody, the judge is getting back at me. He belongs to the 'black robe club.' All judges are friends with each other."

"Elmann approached my father and said the only way to win the court case is by bribing," Weitzner said."

However, only briefly mentioned in the article is the fact that Mrs. Weitzner had also at time denied her ex-husband his court ordered visitation with the children. - But don't hold your breath, this author makes no comment on this.

And for a final thought - (and this is speculative) but I understand why even a good father might attempt to bribe a judge (not that I think they should, or that they should not be harshly punished if they do...). However, I have to think for a mother to consider using a bribe, she is probably a pretty lousy mother if she is really afraid she will lose the case. So all in all, it seems that the kids were meant to be with dad... Just don't expect this reporter to say anything AT ALL about that...

New York Daily News

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