Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Psychologists play large role in child custody battles

This is a link to an article discussing the use of child psychologists in custody battles...

While it does call attention to some of the problems associated with these evaluators, it does precious else. Apparently this author took the title of reporter in the most literal sense, there is virtually nothing indicating whether these evaluations are necessary or just outside of a resigned sense of "well, what else can we do."

I'll tell you what you can do - stop assuming that there has to be a "primary parent" and allow children to have equal access to both parents. Christ, if only this wasn't some a novel concept for people - 2 Parents Before A Divorce Means There Are 2 Parents After Divorce - WHY ON EARTH SHOULD ONE BE RELEGATED TO BI-MONTHLY VISITS!? DOES THIS SOUND LIKE IT WOULD BE TO ANYONE'S BENEFIT OUTSIDE OF THE ONE ON THE RECEIVING END OF THE SUPPORT CHECKS?

Sorry about the caps - don't know how else to scream online...

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