Thursday, October 28, 2004

Custody Fights with Deployed Moms

This is an article discussing two mothers who are being deployed to Iraq, where the fathers of their children are seeking full custody because of the deployment. In truth, I think this article is pretty lame. It does not discuss the legalities around these issues, and while it attempts to look impartial, by not fully discussing the cases, it is obviously sympathetic to the moms. It includes a quote from Dads of Michigan - but either it is out of context, or this man is not such a great advocate for the cause.

There are two cases discussed - my favorite being the case of a mother of a 2 year old who remarried three weeks ago, after finalizing her divorce with the childs father a month ago. Did you get that - 1 week in between her divorce and remarriage - all occurring in the last month. She has a 50-50 custody split with her ex-husband and while she is deployed she wants her 50 - 50 situation to continue with her current husband acting for her. From the article:

"Guenther and her former husband of eight years, Charles Snitchler, have joint custody of their 2-year-old son, Jacob Snitchler. Guenther remarried last month and would prefer the arrangement continue with her new husband caring for the child during her part of the "50-50" arrangement. "

"He (Guenther's new husband) has no reason to be with him," said Snitchler, who lives in Jackson. "My arrangement is with her, not her husband of three weeks.

"I didn't agree with that. I think it would be in my son's best interests to remain with me."

"Guenther's divorce from Snitchler was finalized last month. "

Um, hello, this woman wants her new husband of THREE WEEKS to share custody with her ex-husband and THE FATHER OF THE CHILD! And no comment from the author of the article or anyone else on how simply ridiculous this request is. What happens if, god forbid, she were to not come home from Iraq - should they share custody indefinitely? Besides, there is no legal justification whatsoever for this type of arrangement. And in terms of some type of argument of past practice, the child is two and his parents have been divorced for a month - it's not as if bio dad had been missing for the past eight years and just popped up when mom is getting deployed. They share custody!!! When she gets back, they can go back to sharing, but the dad is absolutely right that his custody arrangement has nothing to do with her new husband.

How do we live in a society that consistently ignores, denigrates and completely abuses biological fathers' rights - but will stick up for the rights of the newly appointed stepdad. The more I think about this the more disgusted I get. So now we are in a society where preference for the mother transfers over to 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages while the real Dad continues to get screwed. And how fitting, this article came from the Citizen Patriot, God Bless America.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to comment on my own post, these cases have not yet been decided by a judge - so we will have to wait and see how the law views these issues. I think we all know what the law is supposed to say - what will be decided is entirely different.

However, I still have an issue with the author taking such an "impartial" stance and not considering the legalities of such questions. It is a vast disservice to readers.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

LOL, didn't mean to post as anonymous!

2:39 PM  

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