Monday, October 18, 2004

State Contacts for Non Custodial Parent Lawsuits

Alabama: Dr. Richard Weiss
Alaska: Kevin Francis Ramey
Arizona: Scott Leska
Arkansas: Kinley Hardin
California: Pete Clark
Colorado: Troy Kramer
Connecticut:Chris Kennedy
Delaware: Russell P. Smith, Sr.
District of Columbia: Maurice King
Florida: Miguel Martin
Georgia: Richard Stewart
Illinois: Robert G. Lasheff
Indiana: Torm Howse
Iowa: Robert G. Lisk
Kansas: Thomas Lessman & John Schmeidler
Kentucky: Wes Collins
Louisiana: Clarence Edward "Ed" Ward, III
Maine: Eric Ericson
Maryland: Christopher Yavelow
Massachusetts: Joe Schebel
Michigan: Michael T. Ross
Minnesota: Dave Witte
Mississippi: Angel Robinson
Missouri: Jon Klement
Montana: Deanna Prouty
Nebraska: Curt Morehouse
Nevada: Alan DiCicco
New Hampshire: Rachel Forrest
New Jersey: Vincent Urbank
New Mexico: Michael J. Pettit
New York: Randall L. Dickinson & Debby Fellows
North Carolina: Lenny McAllister
North Dakota: Roland Riemers
Ohio: Scott Strohm
Oklahoma: Greg Chapman
Oregon: Susan Detlefsen
Pennsylvania: Curtis Patton
Rhode Island: Seth I. Donohue
South Carolina: Nikki Fitzgerald
South Dakota: Randy Haack
Tennessee: Tony Gottlieb
Texas: Mark Bitara
Utah: Eric Clarke
Vermont: David Donley
Virginia: Harold Leist
Washington: Perry Manley
West Virginia: Tim Fittro
Wisconsin: Dan Creed

If your state is not listed and you would like it to be, go to: Indiana CRC. If you would like to see the class action documents: click here for the Virginia version. The only differences are the individuals, individual states names. Everything else is the same for all states.



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