Friday, December 10, 2004

Child Custody Case Law

This is a link to a site that lists a lot of relevant cases for fathers currently fighting custody battles, particularly if you are pro se. Please read the Editor's Note carefully...

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Blogger John said...

I have a unique case. A Canadian Court ordered me temporary custody of the childrern with my wife to have no access. She fled the country with the children. Since then, we have determined that Heather is a con artist and has done this before. This being: Marry, shower with gifts and love, deplete family resources, make false abuse allegations, sell of everything, flee jurisdiction. She didn't get away with it this time. Information (and the court order) is at: Nelson Pereira. She conned 5 individuals into helping her and slowly everyone is getting into trouble. I need your help to get my site more exposure. Heather fled to LA and my site so far has drawn some information from that area.

I am very worried about the children. A few days ago, my eldest son called me and said "I don't want to speak to you anymore. Ive read documents that you are trying to poison people with cyanide.". This is very sick and it will be difficult to ground the children when they are back.

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