Thursday, December 23, 2004

New Blogs

Other blogs I like The Bad Husband and ADD Attorney


Blogger The Bad Husband said...

Hi! I never knew your blog existed 'till I saw it popping up in my referrals log.

It's good info, and food for thought, and while I don't really have time to dig into it right now, rest assured I will be doing so after this crazy weekend.

I'll probably copy and paste some of the info to my wife (can't send her here as I don't want her finding out about my blog, or even for that matter!) because these are things we both need to keep in mind, her when she's bitching about me with her mom and our son is there, and me when I get the urge to dig through her personal Emails. :)

Anyway glad you are reading mine, and any advice you'd like to share along the way, I'd appreciate it. Sounds like you went through this yourself, and the more people I talk to in that situation, the better I feel, generally, knowing it has an actual "end" somewhere.

JD the BH (not feeling so bad anymore these days though)

4:02 PM  

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