Monday, January 10, 2005

Custody dispute ends with fine

Although I feel a *bit* guilty doubling up on stories about bad mothers - this one is definitely news worthy considering it is one of the first instances I have heard where a substantial penalty was actually levied for interfering with a court ordered custody arrangement.

Ouad City Times Newspaper

From the article:

An Arizona woman must pay her former husband $25,000 because she interfered with the court-ordered custody arrangement for the couple's now-adult daughter, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled.

.Joan Wolf must pay Timothy Wolf because of her willful and wanton conduct, the court ruled in upholding the decision of a Scott County judge to award damages in the case. The case will return to Scott County to reconsider attorney fees in the case.

.Joan kept (the child) for nearly three years after Timothy was awarded physical care, the court stated in its opinion. During the short period Timothy did have physical care, Joan provided (the child) with the means to run away showing a disregard for Timothy's custodial rights and the emotional harm he would likely suffer.

.When Joan returned to Iowa to seek a modification of physical placement, she disobeyed direct orders from the judge and took the child back to Arizona before the proceeding ended, the court continued. She thereby showed not only a lack of concern for Timothy's custodial rights, but also displayed a complete disregard for the Iowa legal system.

While (the child) was living with Timothy for a brief time in 2000, Joan sent an airline ticket, credit card, and a cell phone battery through a friend of (the child) to facilitate her leaving Iowa, court documents state.

.During another court proceeding, the judge ordered Joan to stay in Iowa with the couple's daughter. She promised to do so, but left.

.Timothy filed suit in 2002, asking for $1 in damages. The court ordered $25,000 in damages.



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