Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fathers treated as inferior parents

This is a letter to the Editor from Pittsburgh

Fathers treated as inferior parents
Thursday, January 20, 2005

Imagine being a black in the 1950s reading a newspaper column like the recent "Deadbeat dads work to avoid manhood" but instead was "Shiftless blacks duck the law."

Imagine the supporting quotes were from a lawyer beholden to a bigoted judicial system and the single statistic was from that system. You would know the report lacked credibility. Thankfully, a constitutional "clarification" forced the justice system to change.

In the huge divorce industry, fathers are treated as inferior parents and ordered to support our children plus their mom, and all the lawyers, experts and court costs involved. There is no real avenue for appeal and no fearless advocates for fathers.

The divorce process has financially ruined me and my charge cards were cancelled after being credit reported for non-payment of child support -- a real dead beat dad, right? The truth is that I have always legally had sole custody because mom is unsafe. The system meant to protect me and my children is ruining us.

Like many, I had doubted the injustice claimed by divorcing fathers. Now I can understand how an innocent, hard-working black man in the 1950s could be afraid of seeking justice.

Edward A. Gray Mt. Lebanon

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