Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Introducing the Divorce and Child Custody Forum!

I have added a link (the Enter my Forum button) to the new message board for this site. I have a variety of reservations about this but I felt compelled to provide an outlet where readers can connect with each other. The following is from my forum welcome message:

After receiving more email than I can effectively answer, I decided I really needed to provide a source where readers could talk to each other. There are quite a few of you out there and many of you are dealing with the same types issues.

Though I am not tracking visitors, I retain the right to delete or alter any forum posts. I would much prefer not to do that so I hope everyone uses this respectfully and responsibly. In the event that one person becomes a problem, I also reserve the right to block specific IP addresses.

Finally, the service I am using for this forum is free - meaning that on my site you will likely run into pop up ads occasionally. I cannot gauge very well how bad they are as I run a pop up blocker. I would appreciate someone dropping me an email if the ads are extremely invasive, make it too difficult to navigate the site, etc...

The google toolbar and the yahoo toolbar both incorporate fairly effective pop up blockers - though I prefer the Google set up. If you are having pop up issues at this site or others, you might want to give one of those a try.

Anyway, we will see how this works. I truly hope this forum will be used and for those who have been sending me email, please try and post your questions here as well. I will do my best to pop in occasionally and participate in any forums where I have personal experience.

Just wanted to let everybody know that the forum is available and functioning and I hope we can make good use of it - it can be a source to ask a specific question, to vent, whatever... as long as it is somehow relevant to divorce/custody.


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