Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Michigan Grandparent Visitation

A new law in Michigan (effective immediately) provides the opportunity to seek grandparenting time if:

the grandchilds parents are divorced, or are in the process of divorce, separation, or annulment.

the grandchilds parent is deceased and is the son/daughter of the grandparent.

the grandchilds parents have never been married, are not cohabitating, and the fathers paternity has been established.

the child is placed outside the home or legal custody of the child has been given to someone other than a parent (unless the child was adopted by someone other than a stepparent).

within the year prior to seeking grandparenting time, the grandparent provided an established custodial environment for the grandchild.

This law does provide for the parents of an unwed father to have access to visitation. However, I still find it ironic that with the difficulties fathers have in getting and enforcing visitation, laws are being written to protect grandparents. Also, shouldn't the divorce and the parents schedules with the child be hammered out BEFORE we let the grandparents petition for their visitation?


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