Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Arkansas Bill to Allow for Drug Testing During Divorce or Custody Matters

Borrowed from the Arkansas News Bureau

Drug testing in divorce, custody cases proposed

The court presiding in a divorce, child custody, visitation or child welfare case would be allowed to order drug tests of any of the parties involved under a bill filed Tuesday. House Bill 1355 by Rep. David Johnson, D-Little Rock, would allow court-ordered testing for illegal drugs in such cases. The expense of the test would be borne by the party taking the test if the party asks to be tested. In the case of court-ordered testing, the cost would be borne by the party demanding the test of another person if the test proved negative, and to the party subjected to the test if it proved positive.

David Johnson can be reached at: 501-374-3368,, 1704 North Harrison Street, Little Rock, 72207 .

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