Friday, February 04, 2005

Georgia Child Support Reform Bill

This is copied verbatim from an email I received:

House Bill 221 is a Child Support Reform bill based on the Income Shares Model. This bill is a much fairer and less punitive way of calculating child support than what Georgia currently has. It takes into consideration such things as the Custodial Parent's Income, credits for time spent with the children, insurance and tax benefits.

How can you help this bill pass?1) Contact Wendell Willard and encourage him to schedule House Bill 221 to be heard in committee. He has asked that we email him, so email is: Keep your comments brief, professional and polite. No diatribes.

2) Contact the members of the house judiciary committee and encourage them to support House Bill 221. Keep your comments brief, professional and polite. No diatribes. Those members are:
Barry Fleming: Edward Lindsey: Larry O'Neal: Mable Thomas: Mark Hatfield: Pam Stephenson: Rob Teilhet: Roger Lane: Steve Tumlin: Wendell Willard: Mary M. Oliver:
3) Contact your Representative and Senator and let them know that you are in support of House Bill 221. Keep your comments brief, professional and polite. No diatribes. The time has come for Non-Custodial Parents and those that love them to stand up for their children and for their rights. 2005 IS THE YEAR for this CHANGE! YOUR letters, YOUR phone calls and YOUR efforts are what let ourlegislators know that someone cares. If they don't hear from us -they believe it must not be important . So DO IT!

Don't know who your legislators are? Then go here and enter the required information. Make note of your house and senate district numbers. Click on the links for your Georgia senate and house representatives. You'll have to scroll down the list for the house and find your district. All Representatives can receive mail at: Legislative Office Building Atlanta, Ga. 30334

If you know the name of your Representatives or you know the district you are in, you can find the phone number for your Representatives by calling to following numbers: Clerk of the House (404) 656-5015 Secretary of the Senate (404) 656-5040.

Now what? CONTACT THEM! Read the full text of HB 221 here

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