Thursday, February 10, 2005

M.A.D. fights for men's rights

From The Parthenon Online

M.A.D. fights for men's rights
By Thomas S. Fouch

The newly formed West Virginia Chapter of Men Against Discrimination (M.A.D.) is organizing to change legislation concerning how parental custody is awarded.

John Buethe, national director of M.A.D., is currently visiting West Virginia to help coordinate efforts in the state.

"There is a definite gender bias in the way parental custody is currently handled in the court system," Buethe said. "It is awarded to men only 10 percent of the time.

"Fathers are being held financially responsible and are not being allowed to participate in the decisions concerning how their children are provided for or raised, Buethe said.

Federal class action lawsuits have been filed in over 40 states on behalf of an estimated 25 million non-custodial parents, according to a news release.

The non-custodial parents who filed the suits are demanding rights to equal custody of their children be restored by the federal courts.

Tim Fittro, coordinator of the West Virginia Chapter of M.A.D., said a status hearing took place in December 2004 at the Robert C. Byrd Courthouse in Charleston, to discuss pre-trial matters.

The progress of the lawsuit will be discussed at the next M.A.D. meeting Saturday, Feb. 19. The meeting will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at the Wood County Public Library in Parkersburg, and is open to the public.

"The next step is for the court to make a recommendation on the case," Fittro said.

The West Virginia Chapter of M.A.D., formed three months ago, has over 100 members and is planning activities on all levels of legislation and media, Fittro said.

The organization will be conducting seminars, workshops and meetings all over the state.

"It is time to look at the underlying issues," Fittro said. "Our current system regarding parental custody is destroying the American family, which is the same family that served as the backbone and foundation of our country's rise to greatness during such a short time in the overall history of civilization.

"Buethe, who will speak at the next M.A.D. meeting in February, said the organization's main goal is to promote responsible parenting and inform parents of the problems surrounding custody battles.

"Society is in real trouble if the legal system does not change its policies," he said. "Strong family values are not top priority in the courts and this creates an increase in divorce and illegitimacy.

"Nila Cobb, who has a master's degree in social work, said as a mother of two children she agrees with the goals of the M.A.D. organization.

"Each case concerning custody matters should be considered individually," Cobb said. "There are oftentimes cases in which the father should be awarded custody.

"M.A.D. plans to conduct activities in the Huntington area.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women should be held accountable for lying about who the father of her child is while she deceives a man she slept with of being the father of her child? If she has child support against him and finally the truth comes out that the child is not the his, the mother should be penalize for lying to the man for all those years he has given her child support. Not only has she dishonest with the man, she was also dishonest with the child. That's not right. If a man don't pay her child support, she will take him to court and collects what they call arrearages. After proving that the woman lied about the baby's father that father still have to pay her child support. That's not right. Where is the justice.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a woman but am ashamed to say so. My fiance has four daughters the oldest is 12. His wife walked out on him and the girls 7 years ago. During the divorce she was granted custody but never had the girls. She dropped them off to him and when she did have them it was only long enough to sign up on food stamps and a check. He thought his nightmare of fighting with the courts for full custody were over but has now found out that they are not. DHHR in Charelston, WV has stepped in and said he has to pay the back support in a very large amount back to her for arrears, even though in the last 7 years he has had the kids 85-90% of the time. He has filed paper after paper to the family law courts only to be shut down every time. He has taken wittnessess and written proof that he has had the girls only to be told that it is irrelevant to the case. How is this possible? He is a good man that is getting screwed. Now, they are threatening to put him in jail over all this, although the girls are still living with him. It makes no sense to me except for the simple fact that he is a man.

2:45 PM  

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