Friday, March 04, 2005

Back to Normal Shortly

Well, I got back a bit earlier than expected but now have tons of work to catch up on in my office, so don't expect regular blogging to resume right away.

I see there have been some anonymous news posts made - as well as in the forum.. I think it is apparent that this *poster* and I may be on opposite sides of the fence on most issues. However, I welcome rational discourse and certainly know there are people out there with differing view points than my own. This anonymous contributor obviously wants you to know - moms get screwed by the courts too as well as by their ex's. And I concur, this is absolutely true.
As I have said before, the true victims of the family courts are the children. The courts ignore the fundamental right children have to stay as close as possible to the two people they have become accustomed to seeing on a daily basis - their parents.

And as much as I appreciate this anonymous contributor stepping in for me while I was out of town - I have to say, I would appreciate hearing directly from the contributor. I know I post quite a few articles with no commentary - but this is my site and there are surely places one can look within the site to ascertain my *feelings* on issues of custody. However, inasmuch as I agree both genders suffer at the hands of our judiciary, my primary concern is the outright and abject manner in which the majority of family courts have elected to completely ignore the rights of fathers to their children and children to their fathers. Best interests of the children (BIC) is an entirely subjective manner in which to decide custody- one cannot very well appeal against such rulings, and usually with the cost of these cases, one cannot afford to anyway.

Any patriotic American should be disgusted at this annihilation of civil liberties. Mothers would be up in arms if the status quo was to award primary custody to fathers because it was "in the child's best interests" to be with the party that made more money (not making generalizations here, just the converse of the "primary caregiver" argument) and they would have every right to be. Our judiciary should support family in that parents and children have as much meaningful contact as possible - and the presumption should be 50/50 - there is no other "fair" way for the children or the parents. This would (as seen in states with presumptive joint custody) reduce divorce, reduce extended litigation, reduce stress, reduce expenses, reduce animosity between the parties and help maintain the bond the child has formed with BOTH of their parents.

Whoa, little tangent there!

I suppose what I am getting at is this: To my anonymous friend - If you want to continue to post on this site, I expect you speak up, offer an opinion, your reasoning, support for it, etc.... Then we can have a meaningful, civil conversation about the issue. If you want to remain anonymous - have at it. I couldn't care less. But this site is NOT your newsroom, so if all you want to do is post articles about your interests in family law, divorce, custody... then you should look at getting your own site. I recommend Blogger - that is how I got this one.

Anyway, in other news, quite a bit going on in family law over the past week. Dependent on how quickly I catch up, I'll try to get as much stuff posted as I can.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i found your site by accident i am a single mother who ex wont have anything to do with his two girls he is interested in only his happiness.well he now after ten years wants to see his girls cant understand why his girls hate him and refer to him as the dead father,or the sperm donor.I beleive that he has no rights to his girls.they were 8-3 when we divorced.i think the laws should be allowed to change when its a father who really wants to see his kids.and who can be the roll model his kids need.but it should be only a case by case sititation.

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