Friday, May 20, 2005

Bush to sign paternity, child support bill - Florida

AP Wire 05/20/2005 Bush to sign paternity, child support bill


Gov. Jeb Bush planned to sign a bill Friday aimed at making it easier for the government to establish paternity and make sure child support payments are efficiently made.

The measure (HB 1283) makes several changes, many of them technical, dealing with how it is determined who the father of a child is and how child support is collected.

Among the changes is one that would allow the posting of information about undistributed child support on the Internet and another that could allow paternity to be established without a court order in some cases when genetic testing is conclusive.

For child support to be ordered, there currently must be a court ruling on paternity. Under the bill, if genetic testing shows paternity with more than 99 percent certainty, the court order could be skipped, although men who are involved could still bring the case to court to contest it.

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