Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Events in Michigan

Dads of Michigan have the following events coming up:

Healing Our Families, A Time For Change - June 16-18 Family Rights Coalition and DADS of Michigan Conference 05

The Family Rights Coalition and DADS of Michigan are hosting an international conference on family issues June 16-18, 2005 at the Metro Detroit Airport Marriott Hotel. Many internationally known speakers will be presenting. The purpose of this conference is to present and discuss international issues on family issues and parenting. Stay tuned to this link for future updates.

DADS of Michigan Family Court Basics Workshop, June 25

MOMS and DADS University is featuring a Family Court Basics program at the Birmingham Community House on June 25. This program will provide instruction on how to navigate family court and obtain the results to ensure that you are involved in your children's life. You will learn basic tools for custody guidelines, child support calculation, visitation enforcement, selecting a lawyer, protecting yourself from false allegations, and much more. Many leading authorities on Family Court will be speaking. This program is designed to help you avoid costly legal fees and help you understand how to navigate the courts and the FOC.

For more details click here: EDUCATION - Mom's and Dad's University

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