Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's hard to honor dad when he's missing

DAVID YOUNT: It's hard to honor dad when he's missing TheNewsTribune.com Tacoma, WA

Okay, okay - so the title is crappy and the article is just fluff - but I'm putting it in anyway!


Of course, not all the absentee fathers are runaway Joes and deadbeat dads. Plenty of them would love to be with their kids, but the courts determine otherwise in their divorce decrees. So on this Father's Day let's consider the case for the fathers who pay child support but are allowed to see their kids only rarely.

Robert Chase enjoys custody of his two sons every other weekend, but complains, "When you're spending only two or four days a month with your kids, you can't really teach them values, the difference between right and wrong. All you can do is love them, provide a positive example, and hope they're getting what they need when they're outside your influence."

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