Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Destruction of family a step toward fascism

Journal Gazette 07/05/2005 Destruction of family a step toward fascism


This family dissolution has been gradual and incremental, occurring almost without our notice. First, we demonized men and made women into martyrs and victims. We didn’t do this halfheartedly, but with gusto. We codified the concept “men bad, women good” with laws that gave women supremacy over men: child custody awards in divorce; acceptance of drive-by, sperm-bank impregnation and single motherhood; and finally, special status in new laws such as the “Violence Against Women Act.”

Violence against women, though indefensible, is presumably no more unacceptable a crime than violence against men. Nevertheless, we created a special law just for women?– funded by taxpayers?– that institutionalized female victimhood and cemented the image of man as predator.

Then, we turned child-rearing over to day-care workers and public institutions where parental control over the moral content of their children’s lives has been diluted. From sex education to diversity training, public educators increasingly have decided what and when children should learn, sometimes without parental approval.

Finally, we “advance” toward the “de-institutionalization” of marriage, as David Blankenhorn (president of the Institute of American Values and author of “Fatherless America”) recently described the move toward same-sex marriage. As same-sex marriage becomes law in other countries, and perhaps, inevitably, here, power is being shifted from the natural family to the state.

Today’s family portrait as a collage of individual snapshots is not a happy or promising picture: no fathers; single?– busy and stressed?– mothers; no-fault divorce and “marriage” that means everything and therefore nothing; children depressed and dosed in dumbed-down schools where the least common denominator dictates curriculum.

In such a state, someone has to take charge, for better or worse. When the state takes over, you can bet on worse.

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Blogger Iguana said...

Good article.

I'm sitting here watching Paula Zahn on her PC CNN program called Paula Zahn NOW. The choice of "NOW" clearly was not an accident.

People like Paula Zahn are responsible for tearing up the family. I think it is time to turn the channel.

7:18 PM  
Blogger mynym said...

The title of your post reminded me of a historical pattern I did some writing on in the past.

E.g., from:
"...homosexual practices are increasing among men and growing towards a major vice. The most arresting report from Europe comes from Germany. The divorce statistics for 1930 have only now been made public. They show a steady increase of divorces..."
(American Journal of Sociology,
Vol. 37, No. 6, May, 1932. The Family
Ernest R. Groves :948)

“About three years before the Nazis came to power we had a patient at the Institute who had a liason with Roehm. We were on good terms with him, and he told us a good deal of what happened in his circle...He also referred to Adolf Hitler in the oddest possible manner. ‘Afi is the most perverted of us all. He is very much like a soft woman, but now he makes great propaganda in the heroic morale’.”
(Magnus Hirschfeld
Quartet Books, New York,1986
Wolff, Charlotte M.D. :438)

And given this:
"The people who are most subject to the wiles of Nazi propaganda are those who have....the psychological position of the homosexual.'"
(Journal of Modern History,
Vol. 47, No. 2, Jun., 1975
Psychohistorical Perspectives on Modern German History
By Peter Loewenberg, :238)

Then this:
"One thing, however, is certain—not ten percent of those men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal...."
(The Memoirs of aS exologist
(New York: 1954) pp. 429 ff)

This is a fragmentary view but this isn't the place to write at length on why these things are so.

A while ago I did a little writing on it here. The title of your post seems appropriate. In a decadent Republic sometimes the State becomes the New Family, with a tyrant for a pseudo-father figure who keeps his evils secret. Perhaps the American Republic and the Weimar are not so different.

6:08 PM  
Blogger mynym said...

Of course, history is forgotten and hidden away in old musty books, as it usually is.


6:09 PM  

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