Monday, August 29, 2005

Child abuse: Is governor missing the big picture? - NH



"First of all, decades of study have shown that the children of single-parent, maternal-headed families are the most frequent victims of neglect, violence and sexual abuse. Common sense would seem to suggest that reducing the number of single-parent families would be a good place to start to reduce the number of sex crimes against children. But our feminist-indoctrinated governor refuses to endorse measures designed to support stable two-parent families. He continues to support a feminist agenda which aims at destroying the traditional family.

Lynch, since taking office, has steadfastly refused to discuss family values with local parenting groups, and refuses to endorse the concept of shared physical custody following a divorce. Clearly, he places politics over the welfare of children.

Secondly, Lynch should have made himself aware that sex offenders frequently come from fatherless homes. In promoting stable, two-parent families, we would not only be providing the immediate protection of a live-in, natural, concerned father for the children, but a role model for relational development.

The studies which demonstrate that fatherless girls are more prone to precocious, and promiscuous sexual activity are abundant. Other studies show that fatherless boys are more likely to develop inappropriate sex drives as well."

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