Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reader Contributions - Attorney/Judge/Evaluator Database

I have always hoped that readers would submit the names of good/bad lawyers, good/bad judges and good/bad evaluators - along with their general location and experiences with these people (including advice, warnings, etc...).

I have received a few such emails but they were generally so hate filled and frankly frightening - that I could not in good faith post these names. However, if you can well articulate your case and what was good or lacking in these individuals - I would love to create a database of sorts. In particular, it would be wonderful to know names of lawyers who are sympathetic to fathers and will work doubly hard to make sure they have a fair day in court.

I realize many of you have not had such a *positive* experience with your lawyer so submit their name as well (along with a reasoned explanation of why you would not recommend this person) so we can help others to stay away from that particular attorney.

As for judges and evaluators, most of the time you won't have much of a choice. But I believe it is always nice to have a heads up. So any tactics that your judge or evaluator did not like or specific things they looked for in the course of your case - send in their name and the details.

And don't worry - I will keep all of your information completely anonymous! But in that vein, when describing the "happenings" of your case it is best not to include facts that you feel would directly point to either you or your case. If you have concerns about this please shoot me an email and we will try to come up with the best way to share the info without in any way implicating you directly.


Anonymous tom g said...

Hi just wanted to say that the judge in ny last trial for support mod because I was approved for ssi disability. The judge defended my ex-more than her free support attorney who never had to say 1 word. My ex did not even show up. She got the 18,000 for our son's ssi on my account and did not want to have to admit it under oath so the support can keep adding up and i look like a liar because i can not proove she got the money. The judge could not answer me when I asked her "How can I prove it". I can't get her bank deposit info. She just said "thats your problem". I replied angrily "yeah your right , it sure is my problem" and walked out because my time was done.

2:23 AM  

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