Monday, September 19, 2005

Divorce mediators educate - Utah

The Spectrum


Divorce takes anywhere from several months to years to settle in court. And so the state of Utah passed House Bill 4, or Utah Code 30-3-39, earlier this year. It states that if there is a contested issue when filing for divorce, whether it's over property, custody, visitation rights or another matter, starting May 2 all parties must participate in at least one session of mediation.

Though only the first meeting is required by law, the results are beginning to prove its effectiveness in resolving sensitive issues.

"The national statistic on cases solved through mediation range from 60 to 70 percent," Elton said. "It is cheaper, quicker and the parties have total control of the outcome."

Mediators cost $50 to $200 dollars an hour on average. Divorces can be solved within the time the two parties spend during mediation, eliminating the time waiting for court appearances and hefty legal fees.

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Blogger Martin said...

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