Monday, September 12, 2005

Light Blogging

I have not been doing much blogging lately ~ summer wrapping up, school gearing up and my general laziness have prevented me from spending much time thinking about these issues...

I hope that is a step in the right direction. I find each day I feel a little less anger at the system and obsess a little less about the future ~ i.e. Will we go back to court? Did we have our prescribed servings of fruits and veggies today? Does normalcy exist in post custody battle step families? So maybe I am reclaiming my ... life, my mental health, my faith? Or maybe I am just allowing myself to be sucked back into the idea that no court would forcibly remove a child from the care of their fit and ALWAYS involved parent unless it prevented Armageddon or something of that ilk… Certainly not because the other parent wanted to move out of state for a career in fast food middling management… How is it that so often family courts and common sense run in two distinctly disparate directions?

Anyway, we shall see. The beginning of another school year at least gives me some solace in that (I *choose* to believe) the court just wouldn’t uproot the child out of his school while the evaluations and such were ongoing.

I stopped by Silly Seattle today, who incidentally has also been taking some time off for basking in the end of summer sunshine. Of particular note, however, is this post about Companies Fathers Should Boycott.

My other posting today is about a father in Iowa. I didn't include any excerpts except the opening sentence but in retrospect I should have shared this one:

Forest City Police Chief Doug Book, who has been a part of several investigations involving Kaduce, agreed.

“We’re not friends or anything,” Book said, “but I’m telling you he’s gotten a raw deal. That’s the bottom line. We’ve found absolutely no evidence that he has done the things he’s been accused of.”

I wonder how long till the Iowa division of NOW begins to call for his head.

Anyway, maybe I'll be around more often in the next couple weeks, maybe not. I am rather enjoying this unexpectedly peaceful September ~ though it does kind of remind me of the calm before the storm....


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