Monday, September 12, 2005

New Link! has now been added to the Links section. From the site:

Welcome! This is the Men's Activism News Network, a web site which tracks news and information about men's issues from around the world. Our particular focus is on promoting activism in support of men's rights and equality, and providing readers with the latest news stories is one way to inform and empower men's rights activists in their goals to create a more just and fair society.

The Men's Activism News Network is not an organization in itself. It is a web site devoted to tracking global news on men's rights issues. It also includes original essays submitted by readers, interviews with leaders of the men's movement, and organizational announcements from various men's organizations. It is intended to appeal to a wide range of men's activists and organizations, and is currently run by a team of admins. Please see the About page for more info.


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