Friday, October 07, 2005

Indiana Child Custody & Support Advisory Meeting

Again, this is copied verbatim from an email (with certain omissions):

There will be a meeting of the Indiana Child Custody & Support Advisory Committee (ICCSAC) this coming Wednesday, 10/12/2005, at 1:00 pm in room 431 of the Indiana State House.

Representative Phyllis Pond is going to speak on the topic of child support for post-secondary education (college students). Presently, Indiana Child Support Guidelines specify that child support is not to be calculated (paid) for the weeks that students are living away at college. It resumes when the child returns "home". This change was enacted in the latest Guidelines revision because parents were paying for housing, food, transportation and other expenses for their college children in BOTH locations: "home" and college!

Attorneys have been trying to get that changed back to something much closer to the "dark ages" since the change was approved by the Indiana Supreme Court. The Indiana Code says simply that "there shall be no duplication" of such expenses.

Another agenda item is "relocation issues in child custody matters". In recent cases, it is becoming more common for judges to permit a parent to move, but stipulate that custody will be changed to the non-moving parent if such takes place. That TENDS to reduce the move-aways as you can imagine. Why the moving parent thinks that the noncustodial parent can maintain an adequate relationship, but they could not, could be an interesting topic for discussion!

If these topics concern you, I encourage you to attend the meeting and signup to SAY SO! Let the committee members know how much you value the ongoing contact and relationship with your child.

If you would like to attend this meeting and need additional info please email me.

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