Monday, October 17, 2005

MIsForMalevolent or Jersey Sucks

I am considering not visiting MIsForMalevolent any more because while the site is brilliant it is simultaneously so depressing.

Click here for several reasons to stay out of Jersey.



Blogger MisAnDrope said...

I am told that I am a very, very funny guy... ...But it can sometimes be a very dry, very dark humor. :)

I struggle a little with depression and despair. (Not the kind the RC Church calls a deadly sin, mind you.) But I eventually bubble back up. Still it is not a happy thing to be enslaved, and have no escape in sight.

Sorry things look so dark in Jersey, but you know, things always look darkest... ...Just before they go pitch black. :)


3:51 PM  
Blogger The Geezer said...


We recently invited Mis to blog with us on

Yes, it is depressing, but that is the business we are in. This whole areas is rife with "do gooders" and spreaders of misinformation, often with nefarious purpose, as you well know.

If we are not willing to share and learn amongst us, can we be effective?

The Geezer thinks not.


10:57 AM  

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