Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Until today I have handled subscriptions to this blog through bloglet and accumulated quite a few subscribers.

In the process of making my site feed easier to access I have also changed the manner in which subscriptions will be handled. I will now be processing subscriptions through FeedBlitz and have changed the subscription box to reflect this update.

FeedBlitz allowed me to import the majority of my subscribers from bloglet except for those who chose to keep their email address anonymous. For the next week I will keep the bloglet updates active - after which I will shut down bloglet and only run FeedBlitz.

If you subscribed prior to today and requested to keep your email address private/anonymous - you will need to visit the home page and resubscribe. The vast majority of subscribers should be fine except that in the next week you will notice a change in the format of your updates as well as the email address from which you receive updates.

If you were a subscriber and notice in the next couple weeks that you have stopped receiving updates please either resubscribe via the home page or shoot me an email through the link on the home page. I'll try my hardest to resolve any issues subscribers have as a result of this change.

Also, I have added a link to subscribe to my site feed. Please feel free to go this route instead of through email updates.

Finally, FeedBlitz will be made active on January 4th, the day bloglet will be disabled. This will prevent current subscribers from receiving double updates for the next week. This will also provide current subscribers a chance to contact me if they would like to be removed from the email update database in lieu of a site feed subscription. However, this also means that though the FeedBlitz subscription box is now active, site updates will not begin until the first update on January 4th. In short, if you are a new subscriber you will not begin getting updates until after the 4th. Please do not be concerned unless you fail to receive an update after this time. Site feed subscriptions should begin immediately.

Again, please feel free to contact me either through comments or email (via the home page) with any questions. Hopefully this changeover will go smoothly!


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