Monday, January 09, 2006

Indiana Senate Bill 40

Usually I don't blog from home but I wanted to get this up. This is copied verbatim from an email.

Dear Friends of Indiana Families:

Senate Bill 40 increases the requirements on a person who has court-ordered parenting time (including grandparent visitation) and intends to move.

Bill information can be found

The bill has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing on Wednesday, 1/11/2006 at 9am in room 233 of the Statehouse. It has the backing of the Indiana Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee (a committee of the General Assembly), the Domestic Relations Committee of Indiana Judicial Administration (the "guidelines" folks), the Family Law Section of the Ind State Bar Association,
Children's Rights Council, Parent's and Children's Equality of Indiana and a lot of parents!

In spite of that, I'll tell you that this is the Committee where most family law legislation dies. If you can come to the committee hearing, please do so and let them know of your support by your presence, if not your testimony on its behalf.

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