Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More on Indiana Senate Bill 0040

I just received the following via email:

Indiana Senate Bill 0040, which requires 90-day notice of relocation to all persons with court-ordered parenting time, passed out of committee today to the floor of the Senate. Presently, Indiana law only requires notice of a move of the "custodial" parent if moving more than 100 miles or out-of-state, and notice only needs to be given to the court (not the other parties) prior to the move. There are many other provisions in the bill concerning filing of motion for hearing, proposed parenting plan changes due to the move, etc. I encourage you to read it via the link below.

Testimony was taken on this bill's behalf by Senator Ford (the bill sponsor, divorce atty from Hartford City), Bruce Pennamped (Indpls atty, non-custodial representative to the Indiana Child Custody & Support Advisory Committee), Drew Soshnick (chairman of Family Law Section, Ind State Bar Assn), and me. Several members of PACE were in the audience in support of the bill, and there was no opposing testimony.

While some suggestions for amendments to the bill were made from the Committee members themselves, no amendments were added meaning that a vote on it could be taken today. The bill passed from the Committee to the Senate by a roll-call vote of 8-0.

I spoke with Senator Bray, the long-time chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, before the meeting began. He is very interested in seeing this become Indiana law. I strongly believe that through his influence, as well as requests that you can make of your Senators and Representatives, that can be accomplished. Please take a few minutes and write a brief letter to your elected Senator and Representative asking for their support. The General Assembly web site provides a means of sending an email to them, but frankly, email is not yet seen as valuable in securing support. I believe it is the casual nature of most emails, as well as the ease of communication, that results in less respect for the medium. If you can write or call, please do so!

More information on this bill and its progress can be found

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