Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Political Candidate Who Actually Has a Family Rights Platform?

Michael Badnarik ran for President in 2004 as a Libertarian. I highlighted his presidential campaign on this blog as then he had a very similar plank to his platform.

He is now running for Congress in Texas - with family as his first platform plank. Link to his site here and directly to his position on family here.

I am reprinting excerpts from his position on American families below:

Through a simple function of unintended consequences an entire intergovernmental industry has grown up around servicing the remnants of broken families. Tens of thousands of state and county employees and contractors have a vested interest in divorce, custody battles, child-support abuse, and pain.

There has been no counterbalancing force, other than the private-sector activism of victimized non-custodial parents themselves (NCPs), and their advocates. Of course, power goes to the money. With billions of federal aid to support and defend unfair, divisive and destructive policies and biased agencies and courts, there is no rational end in sight. A lot of bureaucrats and otherwise-unnecessary practitioners depend on the continuation of that money, It's going to take some serious money and political power to overcome that.

Millions of parents have been estranged from their children and have lost their homes, families and purposes in life because of what amounts to a federal bounty on broken homes. In recent history, as much as 60% of the costs of administering state agencies that have no incentive to help salvage marriages or keep families together and communicating, has come from the federal government.

Michael Badnarik will work to eliminate all federal welfare to state agencies whose paid function, intentionally or not, is to facilitate the breakup of marriages and act as part of the wedge between parents and their children. And he will work to prohibit any state or county agency who receives any federal funding at all from taking any role in servicing the interests of either parent over the interests of the other.

Divorce must cease being the probable outcome of turning to society for help, and child support must stop serving as the keys to debtors' prison and second-class citizenship.

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