Friday, November 10, 2006

North Dakota Shared Parenting Initiative Defeated


This is from the Minot Daily News:

Measure 3, the shared parenting initiative, made a good showing early, but was ultimately defeated. Getting the issue on the ballot has raised awareness of concerns regarding child custody and child support. We expect the Legislature to take up some of those same issues in the near future.

Carey Roberts mentions this legislation is his most recent article: Bush Needs to Rein in Feminist Operatives


And then there were the bureaucrats at the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) who didn’t like the idea of divorced fathers seeing their kids. So in direct violation of federal ethics rules, they took it upon themselves to tell the North Dakota legislators to defeat a shared parenting initiative.

Their reasoning? It’s better to let fatherless kids become drop-outs and juvenile delinquents – that way the state can rake in millions of federal welfare money.

Shame on ACF head Margo Bean for tolerating these bureaucratic shenanigans.

To his credit, President Bush did manage to shoehorn $150 million into last year’s welfare reform law to promote marriage and fatherhood. But that money will do little to stem the destructive effects of Clinton time-bomb programs like the Violence Against Women Act.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a native North Dakotan who voted against this measure, the problem is the wording. It essentially allowed for 50/50 custody as long as the parent was not declared "unfit". Do you have any idea how difficult it is to prove anyone an unfit parent in this state? About the only ones that would qualify are already behind bars and some of them regain their rights. And this does not take into account the individual needs of each child. Can you imagine sending a child across state for 1/3 a school year? Perhaps away from the only hometown they've known? I came to this website to try to assist a father in need, so I have nothing against male parental rights, but take each situation into consideration based on individual facts, not as general laws.

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